The Fourth Estate Policy marks the conclusion of what has amounted to almost an entire decade of painstaking research into the hypothetical feasibility of Currencies tailored specifically for Socialistic financial regimes and the beginnings of their theoretical application among differing economic models backed by historical evidence, hard economic and financial data, as well as the mathematical equations to support its conclusions.

Its formal and technical designation ought to be “SMP” (or “Socialist Monetary Policy”). Periodically, I will be posting bits and pieces of my Research over the years in an attempt to outline the theoretical framework of SMP, including where it deviates from orthodox Monetary Theories and where are the points of agreement and contention with them as well. Ideally, SMP should be akin to the panacea to the flaws of running a Planned or Command Economy model as opposed to Market and Mixed Economy models.

Disclaimer: This Website is intended for educational and research purposes only. It is not intended to offer any financial advice to anyone looking for ways on how to take advantage of the next “Bull Market” or how to protect their Portfolio from the next “Bear Market.” There are already plenty of financial consultation services offering that sort of expertise.

Conversely, there will be no Comments allowed until the Author finds compelling evidence that the Commentator has demonstrated a willingness to contribute through meaningful discussions and has shown to be capable of thinking critically without resorting to petty dogmatism. The Author has and will always continue to be vehemently opposed to anyone and everyone espousing any kind of Nativism, Extremism, Demagoguery, Xenophobia, Misogyny and Misandry, Antisemitism, Sectarianism, Conspiracy Theories and other views too “Unethical” and too “Immoral” for human decency. Anyone promoting those sentiments will be condemned for perverting Fourth Estate Policy and the concepts, theorems, and articulations necessary for the conceptualization of SMP.

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